Rate Shopping Tool for Car Rental Companies

A common mantra in competitive business is “be the cheapest” however the most successful businesses adopt a pricing strategy based on knowing when, and when not to compete fuelled by having knowledge at your fingertips. Pricing as we know, is destined to be updated on a regular basis in accordance with different macro factors such as demand, seasonality, competitor pricing, availability, offers etc. To keep a pulse on the competitive landscape is a business imperative whichever way you view it.

This tool has been designed to cater to day-to-day issues and challenges faced by car rental companies, OTAs and intermediaries across the world. Delivering actionable rate intelligence either by way of scheduled or on-demand reporting,

We consider it to be a comparative price intelligence solution that assists car rental brand companies as well as OTAs to:

  • Continuously track their car rental rates and offerings on GDS’s, OTAs and brand websites
  • Analyze, compare and implement intelligent pricing & contracting terms
  • Understand current and future market positioning with rate information that enables strategic pricing planning

Our Rate Shopping tool for Car Rental Companies, with its advanced price intelligence technology offers interactive data that enables your business to make those important strategic decisions on a daily basis and in addition, keeps you abreast of your competitor’s moves, by proactively notifying you when your competitor’s rates are higher or lower, depending on your defined simple rules.