Guest Satisfaction Management

Our Guest Satisfaction Management tool is a quality assurance solution that leverages consumer review and social media to:

  • Extract, scan, analyze and score comments and reviews on social networks, consumer reviews, blogs etc. to
    provide the most complete understanding of customer perceptions.
  • Provide powerful analytics to highlight key customer satisfaction issues, and display actionable data that allows the hotelier to make meaningful decisions that immediately can boost bookings and customer satisfaction levels.

It can be customized for individual properties as well as hotel chains and it helps them to identify major areas of improvement besides individual problems and improve the quality of the hotel for an overall Guest Satisfaction.

It allows hoteliers to identify key guest satisfaction trends, and analyze competitor guest satisfaction performance in multiple languages through an easy to understand dashboard.

It offers the functionality to respond directly to consumer review and other social media sites, without requiring separate login to each review or social media Web site.

It permits a high degree of customization, including setting of alerts, as well as reporting frequency.